The Content Agency specialises in strategy, production and distribution of online video content. We believe in engaging audiences by entertaining and informing, with story at the heart of everything we do.

We work with clients to create robust strategies for online video content addressing audience, message, voice and distribution to maximize impact of a campaign and return on investment. We implement distribution strategies through a variety of channels to make sure your content finds its audience.

We’ve worked with some of Australia’s biggest and most respected organisations and we are proud of our diverse and loyal client list. We’ve produced documentary for Baz Luhrmann, trailers for feature films, online campaigns for University of Newcastle and UTS in Sydney and a wide range of projects for Hopscotch Films.

We are currently producing a live-action scripted pre-school TV show for the ABC and CCTV in China called Hoopla Doopla. The show is the biggest co-production that the ABC has undertaken to date with China. It is being shot in Beijing, and it produced and created by Melinda Wearne.




Melinda has had one foot firmly planted in traditional television and the other in interactive media throughout her career. From award-winning documentaries, interactive TV and online video with world-leading media companies Melinda has a unique set of skills and experience that she brings to The Content Agency.


Luke has worked as an editor for nearly 20 years, on productions for all the major UK broadcasters, as well as a number of the Australian broadcasters. In that time he has produced and edited award-winning documentary, trailers for some of Australia’s most successful films and online content for some of Australia’s biggest companies.  Luke’s experience in story construction and production/post-production techniques and work flows allow The Content Agency to stay ahead of the curve in creating content that engages audiences both visually and narratively.