Working with YouTube on their Kids app

Over the past few months we've been working with YouTube in the lead up to last weeks launch of the YouTube Kids app in Australia.  The YouTube Kids app comes at a time of enormous growth in the Kids and Family segment on YouTube of around 200% viewing time year on year as opposed the 50% growth for YouTube overall. The app launched in the United States in February and has had over 10 million downloads since.

The YouTube Kids app is designed to be a safe and easy to navigate environment for kids and a somewhere that parents are comfortable to let them explore. Parental controls include the ability to switch off search and a timer to limit screen time. The layout of the of the app is a bit of a walled garden, especially with search switched off.

Among all the channels from big names in kids entertainment like the ABC, Peppa Pig and Sesame St is our new Kids and Family channel The Content Guide. The Content Guide surfaces the best kids and family entertainment on YouTube across a number of different regularly scheduled shows and playlists.  With so much content on YouTube finding the good stuff is a challenge. For parents The Content Guide is a destination which does the work for them and provide a short cut to quality kids content.

For the launch of the YouTube Kids App we have worked with YouTube to create a playlist of great Australian kids content.  The playlist is on the front page of the YouTube Kids app, pretty impressive for a brand new channel.

 Click here to visit The Content Guide.