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The Content Agency is a production company producing Broadcast Television, Commercials, Film Trailers and online video.

We love a good story regardless of the medium and we will work with you to produce and deliver your story to your audience across any platform.

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Cancer Council Stop-Motion Recipes

We love using different production techniques and so were delighted to have the opportunity to make a stop-motion series for the Cancer Council NSW recently.
The idea was to create bit-size, shareable recipe teasers to inspire people to get involved with the Cancer Council NSWs Biggest Morning Tea event.
We set up a stop-motion studio in our Sydney office, enlisted expert chef’s Phil Matthews and Jourdan Simmons to make the food look fantastic and set about story-boarding the action.
Apart from the patience required, the biggest challenge was making sure the food stayed looking fresh, even if a shot took an hour to complete. Phil and Jourdan’s experience with food photography was a extremely handy!
The sequences were shot on a Canon D70 controlled by iStopmotion 3. Controlling the camera from the laptop, having onion-skinning available and play-back were all very useful features of the software.
The final videos are short, fun and quirky, and the food, especially the Prawn and Avo rolls were delicious.

10 reasons why online video is a really good idea

We believe in online video, and here are ten really good reasons why.

Hoopla Doopla

Hoopla Doopla is a pre-school TV show created and produced by Melinda Wearne of The Content Agency. The 52 x 12 min series has been produced in conjunction with Beyond for the ABC and CCTV, the Chinese national broadcaster. The series was shot in CCTVs studios outside Beijing over a 6-month period from February 2013, with 3 Australian  and 3 Chinese cast members, a Chinese crew and key creatives from Australia. The stories revolve around the town of Hoopla, where the six extraordinary inhabitants, Mimi, Ziggy, Jango, Bop, Squiggie and Zap all live. The friends are played by circus-trained actors who somersault, unicycle, juggle, tumble and hoola-hoop in and out of trouble.

Hoopla Doopla is the biggest co-production undertaken between the ABC and CCTV. The series will screen on ABC4Kids at 10:10am on Feb 10, 2014, and will also screen in China on CCTVs kids channels.

The Content Agency Trailers Showreel

The Content Agency has been producing trailers, sales trailers, TV commercials, showreels and content for Australian feature films for 10 years. Over the course of the decade we have built a relationship with Hopscotch Films/E-One Entertainment producing all of their TV campaigns and event content and producing trailers for many of their local films. We have produced many sales trailers for markets for independent producers as well as distributors such as Southern Star TV and Endemol Worldwide Distribution. We are also adept a creating reels to represent film that haven’t been shot yet!
We have had Baz Luhrman in our edit suites giving feedback at 1 in the morning, we worked with Bruce Beresford and Jane Scott on Mao’s Last Dancer. We’ve also worked with the rising stars of Australian cinema, producing trailers for The Waiting City, Satellite Boy and recently The Backyard Ashes.
Our philosophy with film marketing is to be true to the film but with a market-based perspective. We make trailers and commercials that make audiences want to see movies.
You can see some of the comments our clients have made about working with the Content Agency in the Testimonials section.

10 Reasons Why Online Video is a Really Good Idea

Online video as a tool for business is coming of age, whether in marketing, or internally for training and communications, and there are a whole heap of statistics around to support this. Some of the most interesting have been collected together in the “10 Reasons” video. It makes a compelling argument for why video to be so effective.

Some of the most interesting statistics are about the appetite for video. Youtube is still the second most popular search engine after Google, and 28% of Google searches are for Youtube. So there is a huge audience not only looking for video content, but searching only for video. On top of that Forbes found that 75% of executives surveyed said they watch work-related videos on business-related websites at least weekly with 52% watching the videos on Youtube. So whether its for business or consumer, the audience is hungry for video content.

The way people behave when interacting with video is also very interesting. People will watch the video on a page before reading the text, and will stay on the page far longer with video than they will with text. On top of that, people recall video content significantly better than they do text. And because Google likes video content, a page with video is likely to rank significantly higher than the same page without video.

Of course the content is more important than the medium and engaging, audience-focused content whatever the medium is of great value, but presented as video its easier for the audience to find, more likely to be consumed and will be remembered far longer. As a test, why not watch the video, and see which you remember better at the end of the day, the video or this blog.

APN Railtrack Journey to Work

APN Outdoor wanted to bring to life the impact that advertisers can have on rail travelers in Sydney. To do this we told the story of a passengers journey to work, and the interactions they have on the way. The video uses bold design overlaying video footage, to highlight the interactions between passengers and advertising.

The Backyard Ashes Trailer

The Backyard Ashes is an Australian comedy feature about the clash of two great cricketing nations, in a backyard in Wagga Wagga. When English twit Edward Lords, takes over as boss of the factory that backyard-cricket loving Dougie and his mates work at, it sets in motion a train of events that culminate in a England vs Australia grudge match.
The feature is set in, and made with the support of NSW town Wagga Wagga by first time director Mark Grentell and producer Anne Robinson, and stars Australian icon John Wood.