Hoopla Doopla

Hoopla Doopla is a pre-school TV show created and produced by Melinda Wearne of The Content Agency. The 52 x 12 min series has been produced in conjunction with Beyond for the ABC and CCTV, the Chinese national broadcaster. The series was shot in CCTVs studios outside Beijing over a 6-month period from February 2013, with 3 Australian  and 3 Chinese cast members, a Chinese crew and key creatives from Australia. The stories revolve around the town of Hoopla, where the six extraordinary inhabitants, Mimi, Ziggy, Jango, Bop, Squiggie and Zap all live. The friends are played by circus-trained actors who somersault, unicycle, juggle, tumble and hoola-hoop in and out of trouble.

Hoopla Doopla is the biggest co-production undertaken between the ABC and CCTV. The series will screen on ABC4Kids at 10:10am on Feb 10, 2014, and will also screen in China on CCTVs kids channels.

Get The Gringo TV Commercials

Icon Films released Get the Gringo in 2102, and we produced a series of TV commercials for the release.

All the spots were adapted from US and UK TV spots, but we had to remake all the graphics as well as doing all the usual re-purposing.


The Sapphires Vox Pop TVC

This 30″ commercial for The Sapphires features cinema-goers vox pops as they leave the film. We didn’t have to work too hard to get really good comments from the audience, they loved the film and were keen to talk about it.

UTS: Future Undergraduate

This video is part of a series that we produced for UTS for the launch of their new website. We interviewed past and current students to get their opinion on what they got out of studying at UTS and what that experience was like. We used a combination of live action, and time lapse to produce a texture the makes the film more visually interesting.

University of Technology, Sydney: Future Students

The Content Agency first worked with UTS around 2 years ago, reviewing online video content throughout their website , and producing a strategy for dealing with online video in the future. We were delighted to then be asked to produce a series of online videos for the launch of the new website. The videos were aimed at different cohorts of the higher education market to bring to life what UTS is like, and why it is the right choice. We interviewed current students and past students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, to find out what make UTS different and what they got out of studying there.

The resulting films give prospective students a positive feel for what the university is look. It allows them to see UTS as vibrant and exciting and full of opportunities. It allows the university to make an emotional connection with its audience…rather than telling prospective students that UTS is the best choice, we show them.

The videos are shot using a variety of techniques including time-lapse cameras on sliders, as well as video, to create a textured and visually interesting film.

University of Newcastle: Managing the Workload

One of the major obstacles for kids who are thinking about going to University, especially if they come from families where they are the first to go to university, is whether they will be able to handle the workload. Most students, on top of full-time study, have a part-time job plus travel to and from college and time to socialise to fit into their schedule. The University of Newcastle wanted to show prospective students that it is manageable, and that there is support available if they need it.

We suggested a video that doesn’t take itself too seriously as the best way to get the message across. Justine, one of the Universities Student Ambassadors, does a very good job of being honest while letting her sense of fun shine through.

Darren Percival EPK

Darren has released his  first full length LP since coming 2nd on the first season of The Voice Australia. A Tribute to Ray Charles contains Darren’s soulful versions of classic Ray Charles songs.

The University of Newcastle: Kristy’s Story

Kristy is studying a Master of Public Health at the University of Newcastle, through GradSchool.

In this film she talks about how she fits post-graduate study into her life and what she gets out of it. The video appears on the webpage of the GradSchool Master of Public Health, and answers prospective students most common questions, while also leaving them with an idea of the opportunities a masters will open to them. The story is aspirational.

This film is part of an on-going campaign of online video content that The Content Agency has been producing for GradSchool. The campaign has been highly successful in increasing the number of prospective students who don’t don’t bounce of the page, but actually take the next step and register.

Satellite Boy

Satellite Boy is a critically-acclaimed Australian feature about a young boy, Pete, who travels to the city with his best friend to try and save his home from developers. Along the way Pete learns about the importance of family and true friendship. Pete’s adventure shows us how powerful a dream can be… if you don’t understand it’s meant to be impossible.

Set in a remote aboriginal community Satellite boy is written and directed by Catriona McKenzie and stars David Gulpilil. The world premiere was at the Toronto International Film Festival 2012, where it featured in the Discovery Section and the European Premiere was at the Berlin International Film Festival 2013 where it garnered a Special Mention in the Generation Section.

For the trailer we set out to capture the fable-like narrative of the film, along with the stunning cinematography, and locations that make this film so unique.

GradSchool: Amy’s story

The University of Newcastle are producing an on-going series featuring current students and alumni of UoN masters programs. Each story reflects aspects of the Universities “Designed for Life” post-grad courses. Amy is studying her Master of Special Education and is the latest installment.