APN Outdoor South Australia

When APN Outdoor won the contract for Transit advertising on the Adelaide Tram network in South Australia they turned to The Content Agency to help them let their audience know.

Together with the team at APN, we produced a script, shot the content, edited the story and added the design to create a video that highlighted the opportunities that the Adelaide Tram Network made available to their clients.



Client: Gen-I

Telecoms provider Gen-I wanted to increase and improve the quality of video content on their site.  We produced a series of  “in conversation” interviews between industry analyst Len Rust and Gen-I CEO, around trending topics in the B2B  telecoms industry.

In keeping with the Gen-I’s cutting edge position we created a look that was sophisticated and forward-thinking. Most of the assets were design elements used already in Gen-Is communications and  we re-used and adapted them for consistency.


Client: BHP Billiton

BHP Billiton is one of the world’s most successful companies, so we’re really pleased to be working them.

Its also a large company with geographically spread out staff. So when the CEO wants to address the company, they chose to use video. We shot and edited a series of addresses to staff from CEO Jimmy Wilson, which went out on the company intranet.

Each address was a very quick turn around from shoot to distribution injust a few days.