Hoopla Doopla

Hoopla Doopla is a pre-school TV show created and produced by Melinda Wearne of The Content Agency. The 52 x 12 min series has been produced in conjunction with Beyond for the ABC and CCTV, the Chinese national broadcaster. The series was shot in CCTVs studios outside Beijing over a 6-month period from February 2013, with 3 Australian  and 3 Chinese cast members, a Chinese crew and key creatives from Australia. The stories revolve around the town of Hoopla, where the six extraordinary inhabitants, Mimi, Ziggy, Jango, Bop, Squiggie and Zap all live. The friends are played by circus-trained actors who somersault, unicycle, juggle, tumble and hoola-hoop in and out of trouble.

Hoopla Doopla is the biggest co-production undertaken between the ABC and CCTV. The series will screen on ABC4Kids at 10:10am on Feb 10, 2014, and will also screen in China on CCTVs kids channels.