GradSchool: online content and video seeding

For the University of Newcastle, we are producing an on-going series featuring current students and alumni of UoN masters programs. Each story reflects aspects of the Universities “Designed for Life” post-grad courses and stand the test of being entertaining and engaging.

The initial series rollout involved a multiplatform strategy, including website development, a video series for online distribution, a targeted Facebook campaign, television commercials, and tailored live-event screening versions. The content gained over 12000 views over a 5-week period

The next set of stories are currently in production and we are looking forward to being able to share them.




Whatever Works

The Content Agency created a video seeding campaign targeting specific demographics to promote Woody Allen’s latest film.

The Boys are Back

A video seeding campaign targeting specific demographics was utilised to promote this beautiful film by Australia’s Scott Hicks.


Utilising a combination of ticket giveaways run by prominent fashion blogs, Valentino trivia and a Facebook photo competition, The Content Agency worked with Hopscotch Films to raise awareness of the film Valentino: The Last Emperor.


The Content Agency worked with Hopscotch Films to raise awareness for acclaimed indie director James Toback’s stylistically inventive portrait of Mike Tyson. By seeding clips from the film including the trailer, as well as offering ticket giveaways to key bloggers, the target audience discovered the film with the flow on effect of raising the profile of Hopscotch’s YouTube channel.

The Last Exorcism

The Content Agency worked with Hopscotch Films on the social media strategy for the release of The Last Exorcism. In addition to seeding the trailer to targeted blogs, the Hopscotch Challenge game was also developed.


Hopscotch films have joined forces with The Content Agency to promote the release of Sci-Fi blockbuster Skyline. Continue Reading

The Waiting City

The Content Agency developed a blogger outreach strategy to build awareness for the Australian film The Waiting City.

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Mother and Child

Hopscotch films wanted to target educated women over the age of thirty for the release of Mother and Child. The Content Agency formulated a targeted blogger outreach program and organised a series of “word of mouth” screenings in capital cities across Australia. To see the results watch the case study video below.

Mic Macs

For a quirky film like Mic Macs, Hopscotch Films needed a quirky strategy to engage the film’s potential audience. The Content Agency developed this Facebook App: