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The Content Agency has been producing trailers, sales trailers, TV commercials, showreels and content for Australian feature films for 10 years. Over the course of the decade we have built a relationship with Hopscotch Films/E-One Entertainment producing all of their TV campaigns and event content and producing trailers for many of their local films. We have produced many sales trailers for markets for independent producers as well as distributors such as Southern Star TV and Endemol Worldwide Distribution. We are also adept a creating reels to represent film that haven’t been shot yet!
We have had Baz Luhrman in our edit suites giving feedback at 1 in the morning, we worked with Bruce Beresford and Jane Scott on Mao’s Last Dancer. We’ve also worked with the rising stars of Australian cinema, producing trailers for The Waiting City, Satellite Boy and recently The Backyard Ashes.
Our philosophy with film marketing is to be true to the film but with a market-based perspective. We make trailers and commercials that make audiences want to see movies.
You can see some of the comments our clients have made about working with the Content Agency in the Testimonials section.

The Backyard Ashes Trailer

The Backyard Ashes is an Australian comedy feature about the clash of two great cricketing nations, in a backyard in Wagga Wagga. When English twit Edward Lords, takes over as boss of the factory that backyard-cricket loving Dougie and his mates work at, it sets in motion a train of events that culminate in a England vs Australia grudge match.
The feature is set in, and made with the support of NSW town Wagga Wagga by first time director Mark Grentell and producer Anne Robinson, and stars Australian icon John Wood.

33 Postcards

33 Postcards is a feature film directed by Pauline Chen, and starring Guy Pearce and is a Chinese/Australian co-production. The story follows Mei Mei, a Chinese girl growing up in an orphanage, who’s father-figure pen friend in Australia, played by Guy Pearce, is not what he at first seems. Over the course of her life he has been telling her through a series of postcards about his idyllic life and family in Australia, but she discovers that in reality, he has just been released from prison.
The trailer makes great use of sound-track music, to build the pace, while drawing together the story and characters to make the film appeal to the target audience.

Satellite Boy

Satellite Boy is a critically-acclaimed Australian feature about a young boy, Pete, who travels to the city with his best friend to try and save his home from developers. Along the way Pete learns about the importance of family and true friendship. Pete’s adventure shows us how powerful a dream can be… if you don’t understand it’s meant to be impossible.

Set in a remote aboriginal community Satellite boy is written and directed by Catriona McKenzie and stars David Gulpilil. The world premiere was at the Toronto International Film Festival 2012, where it featured in the Discovery Section and the European Premiere was at the Berlin International Film Festival 2013 where it garnered a Special Mention in the Generation Section.

For the trailer we set out to capture the fable-like narrative of the film, along with the stunning cinematography, and locations that make this film so unique.

The Waiting City Trailer

Starring Joel Edgarton and Radha Mitchell, and directed by Claire McCarthy,  The Waiting City charted the journey of a married couple whose relationship is breaking down without them realizing it.  To complete their family they travel to Calcutta to adopt a child, but Indian bureaucracy and red tape mean they have to wait. The waiting in a strange city pushes them together and the cracks in their relationship begin to show.

The trailer highlights the great performances and beautiful cinematography of Calcutta and India, creating a rich experience that leaves audience wanting more.

The film, which was released in Australia through Hopscotch films, did well at the cinema and has also performed well internationally.

Fighting Fear Trailer

Macario De Souza and Mick Lawrence, co-director and producer of Bra Boys, Australia’s most successful feature-length documentary, returned to cinemas with Fighting Fear. Fighting Fear followed the fortunes of friends, big-wave surfer Mark Matthews and UFC fighter Richie Vas, as they struggle to escape the seemingly pre-ordained paths of drinking, fighting, gangs, prison and injury.

The Content Agency produced the trailer for Bra Boys several years ago and so were really pleased to work with Mick and Macca on this film. The trailer is epic, but story-led and sells the movie as more than a surfing and fighting movie. It makes great use of some of the unique phantom footage of huge breaks off Tasmania.

Online the trailer has done fantastically well with 200,000 views on youtube.

Mao’s Last Dancer

Mao’s Last Dancer Trailer
Mao’s Last Dancer is a 2009 Australian biographical film based on ballet dancer Li Cunxin’s autobiography of the same name. Produced by Jane Scott and directed by Bruce Beresford, the film went on to gross over $15 million at the Australian box office. The Content Agency was brought in early in post-production to produce a sales trailer for both the international sales agents and festival entries. The film premiered at The Toronto International Film Festival.

Joyeux Noel Trailer

Joyeux Noel Trailer

We produced the trailer for Joyeux Noel – a moving European Co-Production set during the first Christmas of WWI where troops exchanged presents instead of bullets.

The trailer screened online and in Cinemas.

White Masai Trailer


Client: Hopscotch Films


White Masai is the true story of Corinne Hoffman who met and fell in love with a Masai tribesman and goes to live with him in his village. The film was released in Australia in 2006.


The original German trailer for the film wasn’t right for the Australian market, with a fight between the two stars portrayed a little too robustly. We adapted the original trailer to work better domestically. The greatest challenge was the timeline with the entire production process being completed very quickly. 

Bra Boys Trailer

Trailer for the feature-documentary Bra Boys, about the lives of the Abberton brothers growing up surfing and fighting in the tough Sydney beach-side suburb of Maroubra. The film documents the rise of the Bra Boys gang.