University of Newcastle:


GradSchool is the University of Newcastle’s Postgraduate program which offers a wide range of courses delivered both online and face-to-face. This allows GradSchool students flexibility in how they undertake a course, meaning they can fit the course in around the demands of work, family, travel etc. The problem that GradSchool were facing was that the message about flexibility wasn’t getting through. GradSchool wanted to increase registration numbers and the key to that was communicating to their audience the advantages of flexible course delivery.

Solution stage one:
Cross media production

The Content Agency worked closely with GradSchool to create a strategy that involved creating a range of assets to distribute their message across multiple platforms including website development, a video series for online distribution, a targeted Facebook campaign, TV commercials and an trade event screening.

An online video series was the main content for the campaign. We produced a series of videos featuring GradSchool students telling their own stories, about their experiences. The students in the videos are a trustworthy source for the audience of prospective students, and importantly they identified with them...if s/he can do it, so can I. The series had several episodes approx 3 minutes in length each, a cut down 30" version was used for TV commercials and a 15" version for Facebook.

A crucial element of each story was finding out what the postgrad course meant to our narrators, and how it made them feel. This gives the audience an emotional connection to the stories, and starts them thinking about what completing a post-graduate degree would feel like for them. By telling stories with an emotional element we are producing content that is much more engaging, and more likely to resonate with the audience and cause the audience to act.

Solution stage two:
Video seeding targeting niche audiences

The videos were placed on a campaign site for GradSchool as the main hub, we then undertook video seeding to increase brand awareness by targeting each video to it's niche target market. We identified blogs and sites that were thought leaders and influencers in each sphere of study and placed the videos into those sites as a mixture of paid media and editorial writes ups. Facebook was used as an additional platform for video seeding for targeted demographics.


The videos produced for GradSchool were viewed over 18,000 times during the campaign and more importantly, in that time GradSchool saw a 20% growth in registrations for their courses, representing a successful campaign & fantastic return on investment. Here’s what Mat Sharman, General Manager of Marketing at GradSchool had to say:

“As a provider of online study, there is great scope and opportunity to market more broadly to a global audience. The ultimate challenge is a limited budget to achieve the level of reach, visibility and trust required to position our offering firmly within the hearts and minds of an audience that is both diverse and well informed. Via niche expertise, an effective collaborative approach - and patience, the Content Agency has played a vital role in helping us build a strong industry reputation and a broader market footprint.”