Blunty & Skyline

Social media influencers have spent years building & earning the trust of a dedicated audience with a specific area of interest. They have the ability to deliver your brand message to their dedicated and engaged audience. Choosing the right influencer for your brand is important and for the influencer choosing the right brands to work with is also important.  

We have worked extensively with Hopscotch Films/ Entertainment One for many years. We know their brand well, so when they took on the distribution of a large scale alien invasion movie we knew who would be a perfect match.


At the time of the films' release, Blunty was one of Australia's most successful YouTubers. He has developed an extensive following with with young male, tech savvy, early adopters with a keen interest in new emerging technology and sci-fi. There was no one better to discuss with passion and honesty an 'independent sci-fi blockbuster'. Skyline was a Hollywood blockbuster, it was an effects-heavy alien invasion movie, but interestingly it was not made by a movie studio. Instead it was produceed by a visual effects house who had the skills to pull off such a huge gamble. For early adopting tech savvy males,  Blunty and Skyline were a perfect fit.

We provided Blunty with exclusive footage from the film & an opportunity to interview the directors in LA. He was given free license to discuss the movie and it's creators in any way he saw fit.


Blunty created 2 videos uploaded to YouTube: ‘Without the Stupid’ Movie Preview & Trailer, and Interview with the Strause Bro. With a combined total of 80,000 views.   There were over 500 comments largely positive discussing the film as an "Epic Indie". The strongest demo was males 18-34 in the domestic market tapping directly into the target market. A great sign of engagement with the content there was a strong re-watch spike on the trailer at the end of the preview video suggesting lots of people were re-winding and watching it again after the first viewing. In the early days of YouTube this was a fantastic success.