Today’s audience is bombarded with messages and content from the moment they turn the alarm off on their phone in the morning to when they check Facebook in bed for the final time before turning the lights out. To build an audience in such a competitive market means not only telling stories that cut through the clutter, but presenting them when, where and how the audience want them.  We tell stories across multiple media to make sure that where ever the audience is we can reach them whether they are reading, watching or checking in.

We work across:

  • Written: Blogs, Articles, SEO writing, E-books and whitepapers
  • Video: Live action, motion design, 360, VR and live.
  • Infographics and visual

Hopscotch always wants to be recognised by our
unique style but it is also crucial that we are effective in engaging
our audience. The Content Agency always seems to strike this balance. They are very deadline focused and are quick to understand the tone or
sales angle we are looking for yet they are very creative.
— Troy Lum, CEO E-One Films ANZ (formerly Hopscotch Films)