The Content Agency has been creating content and content strategies for seven years. We have worked with an array of Australia’s most interesting brands from Entertainment-One films to UTS via Baz Luhrmann’s Bazmark films. 

Our mission is to help brands connect with their audience and grow their business. The key to success is to understand the audience and help brands connect with them by telling relevant, authentic and valuable stories and measure the results to find out what’s working and what’s not.

As the audience becomes more mobile-centric and the channels they engage with multiple and change the challenge is increasingly to connect wherever they are, in the medium they are looking for. This means telling stories in multiple media across multiple channels at the same time.

We have a number of tactics that we employ as part of developing a content strategy including:

• Content audit

• Content Mission Statement

• Business Objective Analysis

• Story/niche analysis

• Keyword Research

• Audience segmentation

• Customer journey mapping

• Content Calendar and Process

• Measurement plan

Via niche expertise, an effective collaborative approach - and patience, the Content Agency has played a vital role in helping us build a strong industry reputation and a broader market footprint.
— Matt Sharman, General Manager of Marketing, GradSchool, University of Newcastle