Hopscotch Films / E one

Firmly established as one of Australia's & NZ's most prolific distributors, Entertainment One Films is committed to delivering films that challenge, entertain and inspire to cinema, home and digital audiences.

Working together

The Content Agency have been producing television commercials, film trailers, event reels and digital content for Hopscotch Films/ Entertainment One for several years. We were delighted to be asked to also work with them to establish their digital platforms and build a community around a brand we know intimately.

We developed a strategy to grow their digital audience through a range of individual campaigns on a film by film basis over a 12-month period. Each film had it's own digital strategy crafted to target niche audiences. A mixture of content was seeded into niche demographics such as trailers, behind the scenes footage, director interviews, tickets giveaways and word of mouth screenings. 


The Content Agency set up a YouTube channel, Facebook site and Twitter for Hopscotch films and grew a film-loving community from the ground up. We used a range of content seeding strategies to find targeted audiences and ensure they were aware of and excited about each upcoming film. 


The Content Agency worked with publisher Mamma Mia for the release of the Naomi Watts film "Mother and Child" seeding content into the community, organizing word-of-mouth screenings and driving engagement among the films core audience.



For "The Waiting City" The Content Agency worked with blogger and influencers producing behind-the-scenes content and interviews with the director Claire McCarthy individualized for each each blogger. The strategy was cost-effective and drove awareness of the film as each blogger took ownership of interviews for which they provided the questions.


Micmac's, from the director of Amelie, is a quirky comedy about a a group of misfits. It was promoted via Facebook. The Content Agency created a Facebook widget that allowed users to explore the setting and characters of the film and find out what type of "misfit" they were.



We are delighted that our relationship with Entertainment One is ongoing. For examples of recent production work, have a look here