University of Technology
(UTS Sydney)

UTS is Australia's leading university where technology meets creativity. In the centre of Sydney it is home to thousands of very creative and technological savvy staff and students. Naturally that meant a lot of creative and innovative video content was being made, however it was being made at such a fast rate from such a wide variety of faculties & students that a clear content agenda was needed.

Working together

TCA was honoured and delighted to be asked to work with Australia's leading technological university to develop a video content strategy that aligned to the university’s strategic priorities. We started by hosting a round table discussion with key stakeholders to understand the existing obstacles, future goals, available resources and to facilitate the conversation allowing great ideas to emerge.

We then worked closely with the Marketing and Communication unit to develop clear strategic goals, a proposal for achieving those goals over a set period of time with responsibilities of key staff outlined and realistic measures of success. 

Platforms, audiences & distribution

Together we agreed upon a public facing video portal representing the UTS brand, the platforms for distribution, visual brand guidelines, output potential and ways to generate traffic. UTS has more than one audience, with undergrads, post grads, overseas students and academics all having their own areas of interest. Separating different kinds of content into relevant platforms and integrating them within the UTS website as well as seeding relevant content out to external publishers was part of the strategic plan to extend UTS video content into new platforms and find new audiences. 


The UTS video portal is a public facing video destination that represents UTS as a leading global university & proudly showcasesstaff and students creativity and exemplifies the creative application of technology. 


The first impression that most students get when they consider studying at UTS is the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Future Student videos. Produced by The Content Agency the series shows future students the breadth of courses available and inspires and excites them about what the university has to offer. The videos have been viewed over 20,000 times and each time takes a potential student closer to putting their trust in UTS.