Hopscotch: 2012 Show & Tell Reel

2012 is Hopscotch Films 10th anniversary, and we’ve been working with them for most of that time.  It’s given us the opportunity to do some really great work, and they are a lovely bunch of people…which helps.

For their trade day reel, we started working with inkblots to create a look that was both textural and beautiful. We edited a montage featuring all their hits from the last 10 years. A lot of these films are well known, but others, Like My House in Umbria, are less well known, but did very well at the box office.

These jobs are always great to do, because of the huge depth of material to draw from. The main challenge is time management, to be able to look through and pull out great images and sequences from so many films. We also wanted to be original in our approach, and not use the material we have used before, so that takes us beyond just pulling shots from trailers.

The design is very time consuming, because every piece is custom-made, we even did a shoot in the office to create ink blots that were just right, trying out various types of paper from kitchen towel to Japanese coffee filter papers from Sydney’s finest coffee shop.

Since Hopscotch became part of the E-One network last year, they are getting some bigger films, so we created some design segments to highlight forthcoming movies like Ron Howard’s Rush, and Seven Psychopaths, starring Colin Farrell. We created segments from scratch for the new Hopscotch Features enterprise.



Hopscotch: Australian International Movie Convention 2011 Showreel

Client: Hopscotch E-One

We’ve been working with the team at Hopscotch Films since they started up in 2002, and it’s been great to be part of their huge success and growth.  Every year we have created a showreel for them for the Australian movie industry conference on the Gold Coast, starting out with a very modest 5 min affair quite a few years ago.

In 2011 Hopscotch were acquired by E-One, and they were suddenly one of the big boys. And with that comes a one-hour presentation slot at the Australian Movie Convention. So in 2011 we produced over 40 mins of content, including a 6-min 3D epic to tell the Hopscotch story.

We shot interviews with the cast and director of The Sapphires, and the director of  Sundance-nominated Wish You Were Here and Taylor Hackford, who’s directing Jason Statham in Parker later this year.  We found creative ways to bring to life whatever stills we could find to illustrate the story of films that are still in pre-production. And we pulled it all together with beautiful, stand-out design and sound design. The reel was screened digitally via the D-Cinema process with 5.1 audio.

Creating the AIMC reel is a real high point in the year for us, because of the creative freedom and the opportunities it gives us to stretch ourselves. It also helps that Hopscotch are great to work with.  The reel in 2010 was nominated for a Promax too…which is nice.





The Boys are Back

A video seeding campaign targeting specific demographics was utilised to promote this beautiful film by Australia’s Scott Hicks.


Utilising a combination of ticket giveaways run by prominent fashion blogs, Valentino trivia and a Facebook photo competition, The Content Agency worked with Hopscotch Films to raise awareness of the film Valentino: The Last Emperor.


The Content Agency worked with Hopscotch Films to raise awareness for acclaimed indie director James Toback’s stylistically inventive portrait of Mike Tyson. By seeding clips from the film including the trailer, as well as offering ticket giveaways to key bloggers, the target audience discovered the film with the flow on effect of raising the profile of Hopscotch’s YouTube channel.

The Last Exorcism

The Content Agency worked with Hopscotch Films on the social media strategy for the release of The Last Exorcism. In addition to seeding the trailer to targeted blogs, the Hopscotch Challenge game was also developed.

The Hopscotch Challenge

We’ve been working with Caper Creative to help Hopscotch Films promote numerous film releases and we’ve been involved with this cute little game. Continue Reading