Video Advertising

YouTube reaches over 10 million Australians and Facebook has over 13 million active users in Australia with 50% of those watch videos everyday. That's a huge potential audience. Its no wonder then that video advertising is growing at an enormous rate. It is effective, highly targeted and measurable.

At The Content Agency we have staff who are Google Certified for their expertise in YouTube and Google Display Network video advertising which means that we know how to advertise on YouTube and reach your target audience. Along with other platforms, YouTube offer tools to precisely target audience segments and provide detailed reporting to analyze what is working and what isn't. We use the data to optimize your video advertising campaigns so that your budget goes further and engages more of the audience you want to connect with.

YouTube offers a number offers a number of advertising options in their TrueView package including skippable ads so you only pay when a viewer chooses to watch your YouTube ad.

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